Monday, 27 June 2011

A Jewellery Review: Temporary:Secretary

Hello Everyone,

This is my first review type post which I'm really excited about.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this cute little blog and jewellery site... Temporary:Secretary. As soon as I stumbled across it I knew I had to buy something!!

So I browsed the store and came across so many things that I wanted to buy, I decided to just buy one thing, as I still had a while to go until payday! So I came across this cute little owl ring...

£4.20 in the sale. So I quickly ordered it. A couple of hours later I received a lovely email from Sarah apologising as they had sold out and offering me a different owl ring as an alternative and as a good will gesture I only paid £4.20.

So this is what I got...

I thought it was really great that the lovely Sarah looked at what I had wanted and recommended me an alternative. I love the ring she chose for me. I think I love this little guy as much if not more than the original ring!

I would 100% definitely recommend and use Temporary:Secretary again. I'd buy the whole shop if I could. So go go check the shop out.. its amazing :)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A - Z of mee.

Twenty, Twenty-one in October

Bed Size:

Chore you Hate:
Doing the Dishwasher, I hate touching dirty cutlery.


Essential start of your day:
A cuddle and kiss from the boy.

Favourite Colour:
blue.. or orange maybe

Gold or Silver:
Depends. I'd always have said Silver but now I'm not so sure.


Instruments I play:
Recorder and the keyboard, self taught with one hand.

Job Title:
Apprentice Work Placement Administrator

None yet thanks

In a village and a town both near Reading

Mum's name:

Lottie, Lou Lou, Lottery

Pet Peeve:
Spitting!! and boys who stand with their hands down their trousers

Quote from a movie:
'Theres no place like home...'

Right or left handed:


Time you wake up:


Vegetables you dislike:
I LOVE VEGETABLES. Except Asapragus and Artichokes.. are they even vegetables.

What makes you run late:
I am NEVER late. I leave for work (15 minute journey) AT LEAST 45 minutes early

X-rays you've had done:
Wrist, Ribs, Hands

Yummy food you make: 

Zoo animal:

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

fishtail plait

I have recently learnt to fishtail plait, or 'Cheryl Cole Plait' as my boyfriends mum calls it. I honestly haven't been hiding one eye behind my fringe all day, but as I went to take these photos it started going all ready and itchy. Rubbish!

I popped into town on my lunch break today and almost bought THIS tshirt. My boyfriend loves birds so I thought he would find it pretty funny. I decided to wait until its in the sale. I'm not good at parting with big amounts of money, for me £20 is a lot to spend on one tshirt. So I'm hanging on!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ta Very Moooch.


I'm afraid I have no pictures to post today. I'm living at the boyfs and haven't taken any photos yet! Just had a few things to say....

001. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and follows this blog! I know its probably a really cheesey thing to say but I really appreciate it, it's nice to know that people read and enjoy my ramblings :) so thanks.
002. Everyone should check out Temporary:Secretary theres some gorgeous jewellery. It's so so cute! I've just ordered a ring from their website. It was so hard to choose just one thing. I'm formulating a wish list in my head! Expect a full post soon...
003. I've got nothing else to do for the rest of the evening so I think I might play around with the blog layout... to stop me from online shopping!!
004. I had a good weekend. Went out on Saturday night, unfortunately the only outfit photo I have is a drunken myspace mirror photo with my friend in spoons which I'm not ready to share with the blogsphere yet! Also thought it would be a good idea to walk about a mile to Subway at about one in the morning... Thank god for flats!!
005. Its mine and Sams 11 month anniversary today... we celebrated by having tuna pasta bake for tea, going to tescos to buy apple juice and watching are now both sitting on our laptops.

Hopefully I'll have something more exciting later on this week :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

My Week in Shopping 001.

I've been shopping! I've picked up a few bits and bobs over the course of the week which I thought I would share on here.

My first buy this week was my fashion book and my art supplies.

(I wish this picture was the other way round but everytime I upload it it just rotates again!) anyway I got myself an A3 and A4 sketch book, some drawing pencils and 2 books, the first one arrived today. It cost me 77p off Amazon and is an ex library book so came complete with a funny plastic cover and library ticket inside! I very rarely buy new books, I always get used ones off Amazon and trapems charity shops.

I went shopping with mum today, she spent £90 on new plates and bowls and I spent £14 in good old Primark. I got some cute cream coloured pumps (£4), a 'petrol' coloured long see throughy vest (£8) and a black vest top - for under the shirt (£2). I'm meant to be going out tonight so I'm thinking team up the shirt with the vest top, my wet look leggings and some heels (with the new cream shoes in my bag because I'm rubbish at heels!) I'm looking forward to this evening, catching up with a few friends, its nice to not be the only girl tonight too!!

My final and favorite buy this week...

Now some people my think I am slightly sad but when I was younger I had a box set of Peter Rabbit books which were on my window sill. One day I got them down to read and they had gone all mouldy! So they were binned. I belong to a website called CheapCycle (amazing, search for your local CheapCycle and join, you get emailed with things people are selling and occasionaly there are some real gems!) and someone advertised these for £10!! I googled and these collectors editions are selling for like £40-50 so I thought what a bargain. I've always wanted them back because I want to share them with my children (when I have them!!). My favorite story is The Tale of Two Bad Mice. I used to love it when I was little. So thank you lady from CheapCycle you have made me very happy!

I should really go and start packing for my week at the boyfriends but I think I'll make a mood board instead.

Friday, 17 June 2011


At last I have got my hands on benetint! I bought this months Glamour - or more my boyfriend bought it for me cause he's lovely. In the shop there was only the one with Benetint it which sat well with me because I wanted it! I'm definitely using it as more of a lip tint than cheeks. I'm too inlove with my blusher for that, but I'm not a fan of lipsticks so benetint seems like a good alternative.

My hand looks massive in that last picture! Sorry for the poor quality, just webcam ones done in my bedroom.

I think everyone should head over to Fashion Champagne and check out this gem of a give away. Kirsty has got hold of some absolutely beautiful jewellery that you could win in just a couple of clicks! She also has a fantastic blog, with great outfit posts and fashion bits and bobs. Definitely worth a poach!

My blog posts may be a bit random next week as I'm going to be living at my boyfriends all week. I'm not sure when I will be able to post, I'll try my best though! I feel like I'm getting into the blogging swing of things now.

Have a wonderful (not too wet) weekend!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

what i wore to work #001

Top: Primark
Cardigan: Zara
Skirt: Dress worn as skirt from Tescos years ago
Belt: Primark
Bag: Matalan

This is what I wore to work today, I thought the dress looked quite cute made into a paperbag waist skirt. Excuse the mess in my room. I have no nice white wall to take outfit photos in front of, so this will have to do!

Today was a funny day at work, I went upto the Art Departments end of year exhibition, it was fantastic. I was impressed by the amount of work some of the students had put in. I then watched the fashion show. This just blew me away, I could not believe the amazingness of some of the collections, beautiful textures and styles. And some great shoes! Loved it, I'm hoping I might be able to get hold of some photos so I can post them on here.

Feeling slightly inspired by both the fashion show and by Bee at Vivatramp's Live Fast Die Fun feature I have decided I'm going to learn how to do 'fashion' by this I mean starting at the basics, putting a sketch book together, learning to draw and design. If that goes well I may attempt to sew! I've just ordered myself a couple of fashion design books of Amazon, used ones (saving the environment and all that!!) for bargain amounts (less than £10 for both books) and I'm going to pop to town on my lunch break sometime and get myself some supplies and see what happens. I used to dance a lot but after my experience at uni I have stopped so I need a hobby really. It may be something I document on this blog, or it may not. We'll have to see what happens!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Bags & Bags

I got two new bags at the weekend.
The first is a new make up bag, I emptied my lats one and it was so manky I had to get a new one.

Cute little flowery make up bag that my boyfriend pointed out matches my duvet. It cost me about £4 from Tescos..
My make up staples and a few extra... I usually just wear foundation, bronzer, blusher and mascara, but theres a few extra bits and bobs.

My gorgeous boy also bought me a new massive handbag. Its huge and amazing, I'm thinking hand luggage for holiday!

 It cost £8 from Matalan, but I managed to use my trusty student discount for a cheeky 10% off! I adore the print on it, its got nice muted/neutral tones so I can use it with pretty much anything.

In my bag: purse; book; diary; glasses; socks (£1 bowling alley socks); barclays card reader; various medicines; nice biscuts; work ID badge and keys; tissues; body spray; headphones; chiquitos vouchers (am never without these babies)..

Oh and guess whos going to be in the audience for New Looks Style the Nation on Channel 4 next weekend?! ME!! I applied for tickets on a whim and ended up with priority ones! I've never seen a TV show filmed before so I'm pretty excited.  Need to decide what to wear though.. do I buy something new? I will keep you posted...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

001. ASOS Saved

I am a huge huge mega ASOS fan, I could spend all the money I earn on ASOS. What I tend to do is use their saved items feature and save things I love untill I can buy them or they come down in price.

I decided that occasionally I will post whats on my saved items list so you can see what I'm after!!

I just think that these would be so cute for summer. With a white t-shirt and little white pumps.
Summer at work, I love the colour and style. I also love the shirt the models wearing but I couldn't find that anywhere!
To go with pretty shirts and shoes. I have an ancient floral Primark Blouse that I can see going quite nicely with this skirt.
This shirt could go with anything.. skinnies, shorts, skirts, could also be worn maybe as a waistcoat type thing. I'm thinking potential festival fashion with this one...
Along with these, not denim so if it rains they won't itch and should dry quickly. I have pleanty of tops that could be worn with these, also I don't think they'd look too bad with wellies!
I've had my eye on this for ages... Its already come down from 30.00. I think it would be a nice chilling out by the pool dress.
I'm not sure what it is about these trousers, I just really want them! I think they'd be pretty comfy for work and could easily be smartened up with a shirt or blazer. I'm one of those who takes my shoes off and sits cross legged at my desk so these would be perfect!
In desperate need of some new denim shorts. I had vintage Levis which I love but are so worn out and a bit shrunk now! Maybe these, but I don't think they will compare to the Levis.

So there you go, thats the current ASOS Saved list.. What are you after on ASOS at the moment?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Holiday :)

I'm back!! Hello followers and commenters :) I'm pleased at how this blogs beggining to go and I'm really planning on keeping it up!!
I had a lovely time on holiday, the weather was a bit hit and miss.. lots of showers and whatever direction you went out of our villa there was a big up hill struggle but it was fine.

My boyfriend was completely amazed by all the fish in the Plaza, as a fish hater this was not all that amusing for me!
 These ducks were just chilling on the roof of one of the villas near ours!
 Spot the deer... there was a family of deer living near the villa, a mummy, daddy and a little tiny baby one! We think this was the daddy. He let us get so close!
At an outing with owls we got to hold the owls and learnt so much about them, this is Lulu shes a type of eagle owl.. I was too scare to hold her.
 Little Ibu, a Scopps owl was having a staring contest with me.

 Horrid Henry the Barn Owl. He makes the most evil hissing noise but he was so pretty and so so light!!
 This is Phoebe, she was a very big owl but I can't remeber what type. She has a really round face!
 Delilah was the cutest little baby owl ever. I wanted to take her home with me!
 A Perigrine Falcon from my Dad and Sam's Falconry. I thought that the head thing was really cruel but it actually relaxes the bird and makes them much calmer.
 'Can of Kestrel...' in the words of Tinie Tempah...
A Harris Hawk.. Dad looking very interested in the background!

We had such a lovely time. Lots of swimming and badminton playing. We also did laser combat which was so much fun. Me and Sam lurked at the back and picked people off, Ben and Bry ran forward and attacked. Great fun! I also did a Salsa class, that was fun!

So the bikini body diet/fitness starts on monday. I realised today that two weeks tomorrow I'm meant to be running the race for life. So I think the next couple of weeks are going to be a crash run run run get fit and be able to run more than 100 metres without feeling sick! I think I'll go to the gym for at least 30 minutes a day except Thursdays (thats when I have Zumba) and just eat healthy. I need to tone up too.. anybody have any good bikini diet plans? Exercise regimes? Please let me know I need advice!

One to follow... Katie Styles. Absolutely amazing ideas from such a talented girl.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thank You and Goodnight

Thank you for the recent comments on my blog :)
Its lovely to know that people do read my jabber!

Anyway I'm off on holiday in the morning so Thank You and Goodnight :D


Friday, 3 June 2011

Happy June...

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going. I've decided to make some mid year resolutions and use this blog as an attempt to keep them...

- grow my nails again (on going battle...)
- tone up to get a good bikini body before France (in 8 weeks time)
- take more photos
- save save save for that little house I want!!
- learn to cook something other than enchiladas and risotto
- finish my NVQ (by October)

I may add more..

So this week has been quiet at work, I'm currently multitasking by cooking coca cola cupcakes for my boyfriend whilst updating this blog and checking my emails.

I'm off next week though, I can't wait, my first proper break since I started... I'm off to Center Parcs with Mum, Dad, Sam (boyfriend), Ben (brother) and Bryony (brothers girlfriend). We've got some good stuff booked.. Salsa, Family Quiz, Sam's doing Falconry and Laser Quest.. OUTDOORS.. which is basically paintballing with no pain. So expect a picture heavy post when I get back.

I've been playing around on ASOS fashion finder recently. I enjoy putting the outfits together and wishing I could afford them. I'm off shopping tomorrow so I will post some pics of the goodies I buy.