Monday, 28 February 2011

BARRY M: Blueberry Ice Cream

I finally got my hands on the Barry M crackley nail varnish!!! I also got myself the Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream Nail Varnish, which is fast becoming my favourite...

I absolutely love it.. and it seems to match a lot of things I own.. Including my debit card and my new diary!

At the weekend I went to see the show 'Our House' performed by the Encore Youth Theatre and it was amazing!!

Check out Aha Shake Heartbreaker the cutest give away ever!!

Also just about to buy myself THIS little beauty! I've wanted one for so long now.

Lottie xx

Saturday, 26 February 2011

003. Friday Facts (early Saturday morning...)

001. My boyfriend woke me up veeeery early to go to work, and as I forgot to do this yesterday (actually was veeery busy with hamster, eating brie and eclairs and watching Speed) I thought I'll do this now!
002. Yaay for the weekend.
003. Yesterday I had my first NVQ assessment. I have an 'excellent telephone manner'. Wayhey!
004. Today Mum and I are popping down to Winchester to meet my aunty for lunch, to go shopping and the we're going to see a Youth Theatre perform OUR HOUSE, it sounds kind of like an episode of Waterloo Road with a whole load of Maddness songs chucked in.
005. Then tonight the boy (and his mums £15 voucher) is treating me to Frankie and Bennys for dinner!!! I'm going to be seriously obese by Sunday.
006. Next week I'm going to start ZUMBA classes. Can't wait to start dancing again.
007. Follow... twentyteneightyfour, Fables of Freast and Amelia's Fashion Land.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

myPhone Diary #001

So whilst extremely bored at work this week I decided to start taking photos of my day using my phone. I'm not going to set myself a day to do this.. It'll just be an as and when thing. These are the photos from the last couple of days.

work desk. book. english. maths. tetris. invite to lunch. pretty jeans. zumba. postitnotes everywhere. fair trade bunting. coca cola. bracelets for charity.

Lottie xx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

002. Friday Facts (On a Tuesday..)

001. I know its not Friday but I thought I'd do this today because I was so busy last week I didn't have time to do it on Friday! Also I've decided to change the name to 'Friday Facts' because this isn't all just favourites.. it's all bits and bobs I want to tell you too!
002. There's some great London Fashion week posts lurking at the moment!
003. Follow... Where Is Harriet?, SaraLuxe and I Want You To Know.
004. I'm currently at work listening to Radio 1.. Songs to listen to... Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah and Ellie Goulding (my boyfriend makes me listen to this constantly!!!)
005. My evenings are spent making glass bead braclets to sell at work to raise money for Comic Relief. Think I should start selling them in a 'B is for Braclets' shop?
006. I'm desperate for some Barry M Instant Nail Effects, but everytime I go to Boots or Superdrug to buy it, it's sold out!
007. I will do an outfit post sometime soon, camera has no batteries, I have no money. Bad times!!


Monday, 21 February 2011


Sorry about my really rubbish posting last week. My parents were stuck in Gran Canaria both really ill, so I was trying to sort out everything here! Anyway everythings ok now.

Sam and I had a really good valentines day, I made Mexican!!

We had Nachos to start, then Enchiladas and then Chocolate Eclairs for pudding. It was so yum. After dinner we watched 'the worst place in the world to be gay' which was presented by Scott Mills, who we are HUUUGE fans of. It was really interesting but quite upsetting.

On Friday we went out for our 7 month anniversary/late valentines dinner at Giraffe. After that we went to Lloyds and won £5 playing the colour of money on a games machine!

At the weekend it was Sams uncles birthday so the children were round and we had great fun playing and dancing with them. And eating lots of Chinese food!!

I will try to post more this week, this is just a quick one before work!!!

Lottie xx

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I've had a nice relaxing weekend, apart from the weird stomach pains I'm having for no reason and the eye infection. Some of Sams family friends came round (who we are going on holiday with in the summer) and we had dinner and yummy chocolate cake.

Then today I went to watch Sam play football like I do every Sunday, but the rain was horrible! And because of my bad tum I sat in the car for most of it. Then we went shopping because I needed some new make up and Sam needed new jeans. I had to get new mascara because of the eye infection and new foundation because my skins gotten really really dry. Maybaline had a 3 for 2 offer on, so I got...

Dream Satin Liquid, in Light Porcelin. I hear its quite good for dry skin, and I am a lover of Dream Matte Mouse when my skin isn't dry! I thought it was worth a try.

Falsies Mascara. I'm not too fussy about mascara to be honest as I have fairly long dark eyelashes anyway. But I've heard good things about this one, and I liked the purple tube!

And a lipgloss that looks a lot like that one. I don't know what colour it is, I just picked a pretty pink one because it was free!
(images from google images)

I haven't got any pictures of me from this weekend because I'm looking a bit weird with my eye infection and things, so I thought I would post a couple of photos that make me smile!

This was from when I was travelling in America and Canada last summer. We were just getting ready to go to watch the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball game. Their Stadium is right at the bottom of the CN tower.

Sam and I at our college leavers ball. This was before we were even together and after we'd had quite a few drinks!!

Some of my friends and me (in the crazy pink ski pants!!) standing at the top of an (unactive) volcanic crater in Iceland. That was the best trip I've ever been on!!

My brother Ben and I lunging at Niagra Falls in Canada last summer. Lunging is a bit of an inside joke with my family. Maybe I'll explain in a future post.

Have a very Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Lottie xx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sweet Treats

On Thursday I ordered some goodies from The Sweet Treat Company. Which is the most amazing sweet shop ever! I ordered Sam a present for Valentines present and a couple of bits for me. Its quite reasonably priced, and it arrives the next day, although I was out when mine arrived so I had to go out and collect it this morning!

These are the Valentines present. We love Haribo hearts so a whole jar of them.. PERFECT! Its so hard to not eat them though, I need to wrap them up before they disappear.

Candy Letters. So yummy, and I definitely just ordered these for artistic purposes.. See the new header! Do you like it?

Flying Saucers are my absolute favourite sweetie ever! I got 50 of them, they've been in my house about an hour and they are nearly all gone already.

So I'm going to be full of sugar by the end of today. But I'd definitely recommend them for yummyness of sweets, price of sweets and super fast delivery!!
My next mission is to order a big box of fudge from Fudge Kitchen. So expect a post about that in the future.

On a completely random side note.. anyone see this weeks Rock Horror Glee Show?! I'm watching it for the second time now. Such a good episode.


Friday, 11 February 2011

001. Friday Favourites...

I've noticed a lot of blogs do things like follow friday and various different things like that.. so I've decided why not jump on the band wagon, sort of! I'm going to list my favourite things as the moment including clothes, blogs, thoughts and anything else I can think of.

001. I had my eyes tested yesterday, and I need new glasses.
002. I am obsessed with LLYMLRS. Her posts a great, so interesting to read. Follow her!!
003. I am loving Skype. Just had a nice long chat to my parents who are on holiday in Gran Canaria at the moment.
004. I hope you like the new layout. I love the background but can't remember where I found it.. if it's yours, let me know please!!!!
005. I am also loving MILKTEEF. Its the cutest blog! Follow...
006. GIVE AWAY ALERT!! Check out THE FASHION GENIE. Not only a fantastic blog, but a fantastic giveaway too..

I have to go and cook mine and Sams dinner now!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sorry, it's been so long but I have been very very busy with work and things. I've been working hard, and my parents are away so Sam's been living with me, well he does most the time anyway. I've been cooking and I should probably do some cleaning or washing...

The other day we put little Beau in the bath so I could clean out her cage. She was pretty interested in my camera..

She's a funny little thing. Just look at that little red nose. I think I've given her a cold though. Poor Beau.

I went to Sams cousins birthday party at the weekend. It was so sweet. She was 4 and had a bouncy castle and lots of sweeties.


P.S I got a new bag, I'll post a picture soon, but 100 pages of my Business Admin book is calling....

Thursday, 3 February 2011

A whole new outfit...

Blouse: Newlook
 Cardi: ASOS
Shorts: ASOS
Belt: Primark

Today pretty much my whole outfit was new.
I cut off my face because I looked a mess and my hair was greasey.

I was upset this morning, because I got up and got ready, picked up my bag and the handle snapped off. It was my lovely lovely black handbag. I've already sewed it back together once. So now I'm on the hunt for a new one.

I'm looking for something for my skin. It's reallt dry at the moment, but I'm not really sure what. Anything anyone can recomend? It would be great to know.

Today at work, some of my team and I went and had a fry up for breakfast, change of scene from the office. I had a veggie sausage, fried egg, 2 hash browns and baked beans. It was yummy!

When I got home I cleaned out my little Beaus cage, she had a lovely run around the bath. She kept running up the end and sliding back down again! It was so funny. Yesterday I made her a new tunnel out of a couple of loo roll tubes and put a hamster muffin in it. She woke up ran down, put her head in the tunnel and took the muffin out. She took the muffin upstairs, came back down and chewed up my tunnel. Nice one Beau!!!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

W is for Wednesday...

Today, my silly little hamster has decided to dig all the sawdust out the corners of her house. Just after I took this picture she kicked a whole load of sawdust into her food bowl. Is this normal?

My ASOS order arrived yesterday, I accidentally had it sent to my boyfriends house, so I had to wait till I went round there to get it! I ordered this really cute tobacco coloured cropped cardi. I am actually in love with it!

Cardi: ASOS
Dress: H&M 
It's so so cute! I'm really tempted to buy it in the mustard yellow colour too, cause I love it so much. I also got some dark grey high waisted shorts. They go so well with the cardi. Then I popped to town today to buy Sam's cousin a birthday present, I got myself a new top from New Look. Its like a dark pinky pussy bow blouse. I thought it would probably match the other new bits.

Blouse: New Look
Shorts: ASOS

So now I'm happy, lots of new clothes, lucky me!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

L is for Lottie..

I'm a secret stalker and reader of a few blogs, and at the beggining of the year I started DAILY BOOTHING. So it kind of made sense for me to start one myself. I am inspired by blogs such as LLYMLRS and NOIR NOUVELLE. I'm not really sure what I am going to put on here yet, but we'll soon find out.

I'm Lottie, I'm 20. I work in a college, as an administrator. I help people find work experience and constantly bang on about the benefits of it. I have an amazing boyfriend. He's very lovely and gorgeous. We're saving all our monies to buy our first little house. We have a hamster called Beau. She's our baby. She likes to chew the bars of her cage.. all the time.

I like Hollyoaks, Glee and Next Top Model. I drink lots of Coke and Pepsi (I blame this on Sam). I love milky bar yogarts. I like football, my weekends are pretty much devoted to football. I like to dance, but I don't so much anymore.