Thursday, 3 November 2011

the come back is on

So I went away for a little while because blogging got a little bit much for me. But I missed it. So I am attempting a come back :)

Here's some photos from over the last couple of months.

celebrating my 21st birthday

Sam took me to Rome for my birthday present.
He arranged everything without me knowing!

Visiting my one of my oldest friends Amy and her flatmate Leanne for a girly weekend.

In other news I am... 
awaiting the arrival of my new blackerry 9360 and its cute zebra print cover
on the job hunt sort of again.. more to come on this I guess
have completed my NVQ in business admin. yaay!
hoping to start running childrens dance classes on Saturday mornings
getting closer to the deposit for a house

I hope thats brought you up to speed. I'll be blogging again soon :)

p.s asos have an amazing 25% off for students until tomorrow morning. so far i am resisting!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reading Festival!


Sorry this is such a late post about my trip to Reading Festival I have been super duper busy with work!

I had a really great time, saw soooo much good music. Muse where by far the best. I also loved Madness, The Vaccines, Noah and the Whale, My Chemical Romance, Pulled Apart by Horses and Little Comets (my friend dragged me a long to them and I lovveeed!). There was so many more, I can't remember them all. Anyway here are a few outfit posts from various times during the weekend! I changed my outfit so many times in a day cause of the random weather!

Shirt: Topshop
Shorts: H&M
Vest: Primark
Socks: New Look
Wellies: B&Q Customised :)
Bag: ASOS (loooove it!)

Dress: Max C @ The Clothes Show (YEARS AGO!)
Jacket: New Look
Socks: American Apparel
Hairband: Reading Festival

T-Shirt: Free with a crate of Gaymers (Reading Festival 10)
Leggings: ASOS

Hoodie: Boyfs :)

And here are some more pictures from the weekend...

The end of Muse (LOOOVE)

Me and Sam :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

V Festival Fashion

V festival happened this weekend just gone and from what I am hering on blogs, facebook and twitter it was amazing!
COSMOPOLITAN  and LOOK have tossed up these images of V Festival 2011 Fashion!!

Alexandra Burke

Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil (Loveee the dress... not sure about theose boots in terms of the usual muddy fields and Reading!)
Marvin and Rochelle
Eliza Doolittle (I love this outfit!!)
Mollie King
Mollie King (She wears awesome clothes. I would wear this but teamed up with my Wellies! I have a slight welly obsession I think!)
Ellie Goulding
Dionne Bromfield
 Frankie Sandford
Frankie Sandford
Una Healy
Claire Maguire (I'm not sure how 'practical' this is.. but I love it!)
Fashion Blogger Bip Ling
Daisy Lowe
Myleene Klass
Hannah Tointon Backstage At The Virgin Media Louder Lounge, V Festival 2011
Hannah Tointon
Laura Haddock Backstage At The Virgin Media Louder Lounge, V Festival 2011
Laura Haddock
Olivia Hallinan Backstage At The Virgin Media Louder Lounge, V Festival 2011
Olivia Hallinan
Sophie Powles At V Festival 2011
Sophie Powles
The Hollyoaks Cast At V Festival 2011
Chloe Moretz Backstage At The Virgin Media Louder Lounge, V Festival 2011
Chloe Mortez

I hope any of you that went really enjoyed it!
My posts may stop for a little while now, I'm working tomorrow then I have to pack for Reading and I'm off to Reading on Wednesday.

So if I don't blog before... Enjoy your bank holiday weekend :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Festival Essentials


Festival Fashion on clothing websites is slighting annoying me.
I love the clothes, I love the 'festival style' but since when is a maxi skirt and wedges appropriate to wear to a muddy, wet, sweaty music festival. Its fine if you're somewhere lovely like Coachella!!

Now I'm no festival expert. My first experience of a festival was at Reading last year. I don't know if anyone was there or remembers but the weather was HORRENDOUS!

Hello mud!!

So I have decided to do a post about my Festival Essentials before I go to Reading next week...

I will be taking these, my trusty unique hand painted wellies. I had very little notice about going to Reading last year and had such little time to prepare. I looked everywhere for a pair of nice fancy wellies but couldn't find any I liked. So I brought a bog standard green pair and painted them myself. These will 100% be coming to Reading with me this year as I did not take them off last year!
  • You want to keep clean... you take baby wipes! I am not going to stand their in my bikini and tip a bottle of water over my head. I will just sit in my tent and keep clean with the ol' baby wipes! plus they leave you smelling pretty nice for a festival.
  • Obviously a tent. Last year we took at £7.99 Tescos Value tent. I have learnt my lesson. During the 24 hour down poor on the first day my tent flooded. We had to take all our stuff back to my house to dry in the tumble dryer.. including sleeping bags! This year we opted for THIS tent. It has a seperate bedroom meaning wellies do not go in there and space for more than just Sam and I to sit if it rains. We are also taking a double airbed with built in pump (good planning by me there!) and a double sleeping bag.
  • A small bag to keep your essentials in! I just ordered THIS one off of ASOS. In this bag I will cram... my small red camera (as in not a huuuge digital SLR one!), an old mobile phone (would die if I lost my iPhone), money (food, drink, souvineers) and a small pack of tissues and some anti bac hand gel (no joke I would die without these life savers for toilet trips!) I am hoping this will all fit...
I'll also be taking a wine box from France... best idea ever! You can't take bottles in.. so 4 bottles of wine in 1 sort or light box great plan! and I have plastic wine glasses.

Clothes wise I will be taking denim shorts, a couple of tshirts, a skirt, tights, leggings, a raincoat (!!!!!!), hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, underwear and as many pairs of socks that will fit!

Is anyone else going to a festival? What are your essentials? Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My friend Dan...

This time last year I had just got back from a few weeks of touring round north east America and south east Canada (New York, Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago). I did this with a company called CONTIKI. I recomend anyone considering any form of traveling/holiday should check out Contiki - you book on to the tour and pretty much everything is sorted for you, from the hotels, some meals and the travel between cities (all this is included in the price). I am the most organised person in the world and the idea of 'proper' travelling and turning up in a country with no where to stay makes me feel ill! So yeah check out Contiki - my tour was North by North East if you were wondering.

 Canadian flag on the Thousand Island boat tour (somewhere between Quebec and Montreal.. and yes it is where the dressing is from!!!)

So back to the original point. Whilst on the tour my brother (who I was traveling with) and I met some absolutely amazing people. We formed a real close group of friends. 3 boys from England and 1 from Australia.

 This is the only picture I could find of all of us!
Ed, Dan, Stu, Big Canada Bear, Me, Ben, Matt

Recently us English folk decided to meet up for a Contiki Reunion. Unfortunatly our Aussie friend Dan couldn't make it... no surprises there! So as a tribute to Dan and show that we still love him we took a photo of him with us and he went everywhere. So here is some of Dans day out in London...

So thats Dans day out!