Saturday, 30 April 2011

My New Style Icon...

I have followed Kate Middleton - or should I say Duchess of Cambridge - for the last few months, and after seeing her 2 amazing dresses yesterday she has seriously become my new style icon.

even in her 'normal' clothes she looks stunning

Now we can't forget her absolutely stunning wedding dress. She looked beautiful in the most perfect wedding dress I have ever seen. I hate wedding dresses usually but wow.

Her sister Pippa also looked beautiful in her long white dress...

Kates evening dress was just as beautiful.

I really enjoyed the Royal Wedding, and take some tips from Kate Middletons classy, sophisticated but beautiful style!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Let the sunshineee.

Slightly annoyed at the fact I have to spend my whole day indoors when the weather is so nice! However I am happy today because my beautiful new phone cover arrived :)
 Its so pretty although I fear it is quite impractical as the red flowers stick out quite a lot and I'm worried I'll loose them too my pockets.

I like my hair today, I dont really know what happened to it, I just woke up and it looked pretty. Doesn't happen often!

Looking forward to snuggling up with the boy and watching The Only Way is Essex tonight!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coachella Festival Fashion LOVE

So I've literally just heard about the Coachella Festival which happens in Califonia every year. I am absolutely amazed by the outfits of these beautiful people!

Kate Bosworth LOVEE
Kelly O
i need this top please!
Nicole Richie

I wish Reading Festival was as glamorous as this... It has got me thinking about festival fashion though!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Happy Friday

Hello there.

I have decided I need to actually use this blog a bit more. So hello!!

It is the Easter Holidays at work so I have very little to do, hence the blogging! I don't really have any photos to post as nothing particularly interesting is happening at the moment so this will probably look like quite a boring post! However some slightly exciting things are happening over the next few weeks!

Today I'm meeting with the other apprentices at work and we are going to an all you can eat Chinese buffet for lunch. nom nom nom. I'll probably eat so much that I won't fit back in my chair when I'm back at work! It's paid for by work because it's technically a meeting, but yay free lunch! I'm looking forward to egg fried rice topped with sweet and sour sauce and some chippies!!

Next Friday it's my friends 18th birthday party, just a house party but I expect it will be good fun. Then on Saturday the boy and I are going to Bournemouth for a nice long bank holiday weekend. We're just staying in a little premire inn and going on a few nice day trips. We're going to go to the Oceanarium and on the little boat to Brownsea Island. I expect we'll spend some time on the beach too.

I will take lots of pictures :)

I'm not sure about everyone else but I am pretty excited about the Royal Wedding. I'm not into the royal family and I'm not very patriotic - I wish I was - but  I still think it's going to be so good. And also, it's another bank holiday!

Happy Friday!!